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Our Heat Exchangers are the right answer for industrial skid manufacturer to serve:
- Energy, Steel mills, Data Centers
- Food &Dairy, Textile, Chemical
- Naval and Automotive
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We face a global market with experience and expertise. Over 20 years of installations, collaborations resulting in a constant growth through reliable products. Even today, our production takes place entirely in our company, here in Italy.
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Laboratory installations toward our exclusive distributor Anwo, validating the performances of their heating system.
Entrata e uscita nell’area logistica per approvvigionare componenti (rosso) e per spedire prodotti finiti (blu). Cipriani PHE si impegna ogni giorno nel migliorare il servizio logistico, ottimizzare i tempi di consegna e rispondere rapidamente a tutte le richieste del mercato. ...
One Bishopsgate Plaza will be the first high-rise residential and hospitality development built in the City of London in many years. This mixed-use development includes private residences and Europe’s first Pan Pacific Hotel along with select retail spaces in a ...
Our products dedicated to a historical company that produces Emballeur for its customers. The Egolf packt’s produces packaging with the same philosophy that we use for our heat exchangers: tailor-made products to meet customer needs!
How to use Cipriani products for domestic hot water productions? Find out by consulting the tables for HVAC quick selection:
The added value of Cipriani it’s in the details: expert manufacture of Heat Exchangers (for Industrial and HVAC products). Efficient customer care services with promt and precise deliveries become the satisfaction of our customers.
Riunione del team R&D per validare la fase 2.0 di progettazione di nuove piastre. Facciamo il tifo anche per la nostra squadra di ingegneri!
Boroo Gold Mine is an open-pit gold mining site in Mongolia. The extraction began in 2004 and produced more than 1.5 million ounces (46 tons) of gold through the end of 2010. The Boroo mine was the first hard-rock gold ...
Teamwork training with specialist engineers from Latvia introduced to Cipriani PHE by our partner Lafipa AS . A beautiful day in a beautiful location: Signorvino Wine Shop! :)
These are the values that we literally make every day for you. Cipriani products are part of the complete and qualified supply that we offer to our customers looking for a reliable services beyond stand alone product.
There are many applications that require our heat exchangers making every thermal process safe and decontaminated. Some examples are technical cooling water in industries, sanitary hot water production in residential sector and many steam application also in hospital – in ...
Tailor Made è una filosofia di produzione ma anche di vendita. Ogni giorno sperimentiamo progetti di ricerca e sviluppo per rendere più accessibili i nostri prodotti ad ogni livello: nell’installazione, nelle personalizzazione e anche nei servizi post vendita, per non ...
The project of Academic Village in Dubai was launched in 2006 an area for educational institutions of the Country: new schools, colleges and universities served by our products for air conditioning through district cooling solutions.
Cipriani Heat Exchangers Cipriani Heat Exchangers ha aggiornato la sua immagine del profilo.
Ispezionabili su misura, realizzati per soddisfare prestazioni sempre più mirate alle esigenze specifiche di ciascun cliente. Il focus della nostra produzione è la realizzazione di Scambiatori di Calore le cui applicazioni richiedono configurazioni su misura, che cambiano da installazione a ...
Global PHE Market looks for quick and accurate answers available to all. Cipriani PHE could be the right partner for any demand of tailor made heat exchangers for spe- cific applications in many segments, like the Food&Dairy Industry.
Thermenzentrum Geinberg is the Spa with the largest total area of water in Austria, 5 pools with thermal spring water, freshwater and saltwater. Temperature control, anti-contamination process and complex system required our technology!
One of the leading players in the global airport business, Fraport AG offers a wide range of operational and management solutions based on over 90 years of aviation expertise. They also trusted our products!
L’anno scorso abbiamo iniziato un percorso di formazione in grado di offrire a progettisti la possibilità di entrare nel dettaglio del funzionamento e delle prestazioni di questo affascinante prodotto e scoprire la realtà industriale Cipriani PHE. Un’opportunità confermata anche nel ...
La tecnologia dei Saldobrasati al servizio di processi complessi, ad alta pressione e temperatura, è un’altra delle linee di prodotto Tailor Made in Cipriani PHE. Scopri maggiori info sul nostro sito ufficiale:
Switzerland has become one of Europe’s leading data storage locations, thanks to center like X Swiss Datacenter where dense and sophisticated fiber-optic network via local and international carriers reliable power supply and own energy production. They trusted our products!
Picture with Hans de Bruin of our presence in HORICONTACT GO 2019, considered the largest specialist Dutch horticulture nexus point, proposing energy saving solutions with CIPRIANI highest efficient range of plate heat exchanger.
Application in Shanley Irish Distillery. The word “whiskey” is an Anglicisation meaning “water of life” in the Gaelic language. Malting, Mashing, Fermentation and Distillation are complex process that requires strict controls over heat exchange process.
Exchange for Good. Coinvolgendo tutto il Team Cipriani PHE abbiamo voluto imprimere in queste parole i valori che ci caratterizzano e condividere questa vision aziendale con fornitori, partner e clienti!
Tonsley is a southern suburb of Adelaide, the capital city of South Australia. The Tonsley Park Project is an award-winning re-invention of a former car factory into a thriving innovation precinct that relies on a comfortable indoor-outdoor microclimate where academia, ...
Increasing our presence in new market segments all over the world is our challenge, and we are convinced that, thanks to the awareness of who we are today and what we do for our customers, we could achieve ambitious goals ...
In case of high risk of corrosion, a Double-wall plate allows you to firstly detect an external leak: the best solution for specific applications where you need a “total safety” avoiding 100% the risk of fluids’ mixing between primary and ...

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