On April 2007 Cipriani Scambiatori Srl became a member of CIAT Group SA. This acquisition has involved both product range and geographic distribution benefits. Thanks to CIAT skills in products, technologies, and engineering, a new branch Cipriani Heat Exchangers has been launched to attack several new markets all over the world with a dedicated organization focused on GPHE technology (Gasketed Plate Heat Exchanger).

From January 2015, Cipriani became a member of UTC United Technologies Company and its presence is now strengthened through a global strategy from a leader company in HVAC in order to be internationally recognized among those expert manufacturers of thermal plates with such a dedicated know-how. CARRIER AND CIAT will of course still be the distributors for the HVAC system global offer which include heat exchangers, chillers, fan coils etc. However, when an expert partner for heat exchangers is needed, and specifically gasketed plate heat exchangers, Cipriani will be involved.

The benefit to the customer is a competitive solution with higher level of customization, direct connection with dedicated manufacturing and R&D team to achieve tailor-made solutions and faster reply. “Whatever your Plate Heat Exchanger demand, we have the optimum solution. It is a real commitment for an expert and efficient support to all our customers in each region of the world” says Massimo MINICUCCI, Cipriani Brand Manager.

We relied on and applied specific product research and development to continuously upgrade the company's engineering department, achieving outstanding levels of technical excellence. Designed and developed with modern and certified engineering tools, products’ range has been industrialized following meticulous laboratory testing which allows the department to confirm product effectiveness and thus provide the market with technologically-advanced and performing service.

Diligent activities on the market have allowed us to take full advantage of all company know-how in a wide range of product applications. Every day our skilled personnel and expert engineers fully analyse the needs of the market in the various application segments. Cipriani's technical sales office is motivated by its concern for customers' needs. In fact, its constant commitment is to provide timely quotations, complete technical advice on the product including information on the pertinent laws and regulations, meticulous monitoring of customer orders and reliable spare parts over time.

After the design engineering phase, technology and quality become the most important factors in the production process.
A skilled group of professionals focus on product construction with painstaking attention to detail, taking an active part in the company quality management process.
The product is monitored from the pressing to the testing stages with the same exacting care. Powerful production instruments as well as a committed and dynamic structure guarantee punctual, and when necessary, urgent deliveries.
Customer Service and comprehensive product knowledge are foremost in the minds of the men and women actively engaged in the production process.

Cipriani was one of the first companies to be certified in accordance with the safety criteria established by the P.E.D. standard which went into effect on 1st June 2002. The European P.E.D. standard classifies pressurised equipment into four risk categories and, as a natural offshoot, sets a minimum threshold to determine exemption: exemption from applying the criteria established by the standard and, as a consequence, exemption from applying the C.E. mark on labels. The men and women are working in synergy, constantly generating and exchanging product design and industrialisation ideas and proposals.

The technical department and the manufacturing sector work side-by-side every day to guarantee that our products will always be safe and competitive on the market, whether they fall within the risk categories established by the P.E.D. or they benefit from the exemption. The exacting design and production management system, based on criteria sanctioned by the P.E.D., allows to fully concentrate on standard production methods as well as on product development activities.